Shannon Kaiser – 18 signs you’re EXACTLY where you should be in life (even if it doesn’t feel like it)

Shannon Kaiser Article

“Whether it’s to lose weight, earn more money, or find your soul mate, trying to reach our goals can feel like a chore. We keep reaching for something outside of ourselves, which makes us feel like we aren’t where we should be. We spend so much time trying to get to the next goal that many of us miss the journey and forget how important the process is.

What if you’re actually exactly where you should be, even if it doesn’t feel like it?

Most people feel as if something is missing and their life is off track. But we can reverse this. What if you’re actually doing a lot better at life than you give yourself credit for? Consider that everything you’ve ever experienced has prepared you for who you are now and who you are yet to become.

If you feel like you’re struggling to figure it out, give yourself a little more credit. You are exactly where you should be, and here are 18 signs to remind you:

1. You wake up in the morning happy and excited to live your day.

2. You’ve let go of trying to find your purpose and instead live each day on purpose.

3. You often celebrate how far you’ve come instead of focusing on how far you still need to go.

4. You see that failures are often successes in disguise.

5. You relish the possibilities and enjoy exploring the unknown.

6. You can see setbacks as opportunities for realignment to steer you in a new life direction.

7. You are incredibly thankful for everything in your life.

8. You treat yourself kindly with compassion and respect.

9. You’ve stopped trying to change people or get them to see your perspective. Instead you appreciate everyone for who they are in each moment.

10. You’ve stopped comparing yourself to others (or at least you try) and you can celebrate the successes of others.

11. You follow your heart and let your dreams guide your life.

12. You are working on releasing expectations of how things are supposed to turn out; instead you recognize that everything happens for you, not to you.

13. You see beauty in everything and everyone.

14. You’ve stopped waiting for the breakthrough and see that each mini moment matters most.

15. You are OK with not knowing.

16. You know that difficult roads lead to divine destinations.

17. You prioritize your health and your own happiness. You realize that nothing else can work right until you do.

18. You’ve discovered that the journey is more rewarding than the destination.

Love the journey. Choose happiness.

I came across the most beautiful quote today. It really summed up how I feel about teaching, and my life path in this moment in time.

‘Being a teacher won’t make you financially rich, but you can’t put a price on happiness.’

What makes you happy? What are you doing to create the life you want?

Life is made up of the little moments of each day. It’s how we feel in each moment and our deep sense of trust and balance that strengthens our spirit, and helps to create a deeper, beautiful sense of happiness and a true way of living life. Not through material things that we create externally, but moving through life and making decisions guided by our heart. We just have to learn to listen and keep practising this skill. Because life is fluid, and we’re always changing and evolving. The harder a situation is, the more that is learned, and the more growth can come. It is SO important to feel. Acknowledge the feelings, then let them go, so you are open to receive more. The good and the challenging. It’s ALL part of the bigger picture. Be grateful for this moment in time, for you can never get it back. Each moment is a gift. Treasure it, and all of the moments, people, and places who have made you who you are at this moment in time today.

Love, J



Create loving energy around yourself. Love your body, love your mind. Love your whole mechanism, your whole organism. By “love” is meant, accept it as it is.

Your mind is constantly projecting – projecting itself. Your mind is constantly interfering with reality, giving it a colour, shape and form that are not its own. Your mind never allows you to see that which is; it allows you to see only that which it wants to see.

Everyday gifts

Shannon Kaiser’s gift is such a beautiful source of inspiration. Living her dream and helping others to see the bigger picture. Paving the path of a deeper, happier way of living in a more beautiful world. My post has been deeply inspired by her work.

It is so important to be true to yourself, even if it goes against the grain of the thoughts, ideas and beliefs of the people around you. What if your friends had simply not considered a new perspective, and by speaking from your heart, you are helping them to grow in their own ideas and understandings?

If something is in your heart to share, share it. A wise owl once told me that stories have a soul of their own, and we are only the messengers. Stories can be interpreted and related in so many different ways, depending on the filter they are received through.

Create your own story and make it amazing. Embrace every stepping stone as a challenge to discovering more of you. Fear is a strong emotion, but we choose our feelings and we choose how to respond. Not react. Respond. As I have become older, I have learned this difference to be one of the most important ‘little things’ that can make a day so much better. Richer. Grounding, and happy. Responses have an element of grounding and truth. We respond from what we know, and what we have learned from life. If it doesn’t fit, change it. Grow. Seek a deeper understanding. If we aren’t challenged, how can we learn and grow?

Take time to write down your goals and values. What makes you, you? What do you want to achieve? Big or small. Every day is an opportunity to come just that little bit closer to your dreams. Even if it’s just a change in thought. Ripples can reach further than you could ever imagine, but you need something to start the ripple. You don’t need a dawn to start a new day. Don’t wait. Every moment can become a new beginning if you want it to.



Ubud, Bali, is a magical place. I have never experienced such high vibrations and unmistakable synchronicity every day. Maybe we have opportunities like these everyday, we’re just too busy and consumed by our own minds to see them for what they are. When we view things with judgement, they are not seen clearly. This is not truth. It is not easy to move from love when living in a fast-paced western society. When you feel like it is not given back or appreciated. People that you meet will regularly be in their own mind. Judging. Projecting. What if you chose not to expect? What if you truly accepted, with all of your heart, that your projection of love and compassion is enough. That what you see in others, in one way or another, is a mirror of you. That deep down, we are all one, and as humans we are flawed. But beauty isn’t perfect, and if there were no challenges, there would be less of a space to appreciate and be grateful for places and spaces that are closer to our heart.

Responding from a place of love and compassion breaks the cycle. Even if it is not obvious within people moving from a place of materialism and superficiality, planting seeds of deeper thought and reflection is such a beautiful gift in moving towards a more beautiful world. Because we need to move together. Sometimes, it is not easy to love. Especially towards beings that project negatively on you. But, it is from this place that we have more space to grow, learn and be. Because everything is a projection. And it is up to you with how you respond.

When intentions, focus and love are put out to the universe, it is amazing what beautiful opportunities and souls that you meet. Treasure these moments. Live them.

The organism of life

Observe your perception. We see our world through frameworks of ideas and beliefs, which act as filters on what we see and how we see it. The core principles of the ‘Element’ (Ken Robinson) are rooted in a wider, organic conception of human growth and development.

Human organisations are not at all like mechanisms. They are made up of living people who are driven by feelings and motives and relationships. Organisational charts show you the heirarchy, but they don’t capture how the organisation feels or how it really works.

“Think about nature. A flower blossoms when it is ready to blossom. A leaf falls from a branch when it is ready to fall. There is a time and place for the natural process to take place. Think about how you can apply this in to your life today.” – Lauren Stahl (MindBodyGreen).

It's all about the journey